About me

Hi, my name is Afiqah but people have been calling me Pyqa. PYQABOO is my nickname. I have my nine to five job but travelling is my passion since high school. Ever since I started working, my goal has always been to travel to a new place each year and writing about it in my “secret” diary that I never showed to anyone before. BUT NOW, I decided to share my stories with you! Getting out of my comfort zone wasn’t easy. It took me 3 years to finally create my own website and publish my writing.

About pyqaboo.com

Every single person has their own stories to tell. The best part is when the stories they shared could help someone to discover the world. This page is purely to share my experiences in travelling and mapping my memories. I may have not discovered a lot YET and maybe still new at this but hey, every day is a new adventure. I hope my old memories will create a new ones. Thank you for dropping by! Have fun reading!