Another year, another country. Never have I thought of visiting the United Kingdom in the year 2019. I had some other plans during the time, but Scotland has got my attention to visiting the country. When the expenses are way above your monthly salary, you want to make your travel worthwhile.

My all-inclusive expenses were about RM6600 per person sharing of 8 people. The sharing covers everything except for the entrance fees, flight/train/ bus tickets, and shopping expenses. My expenses are as per below:

Point Lighthouse

We were in London, Scotland, Manchester, and Liverpool with a total of 9 days spent in the country. If it’s not because of the cost-sharing, I don’t think the trip can cost this low. With a mix of backpacking, convenience, and a little bit of luxury trip, we enjoyed most of the scenery that we were just in awe to describe. The itinerary is summarized as below:

The highlight of the tour in Scotland which suites for a mountain lover like me. During our visit in the month of November, the weather vividly brings the old countryside life, only that it is now more modern than it used to. I would recommend spending at least a week in Scotland especially on the Isle of Skye. The sunset-mountain color with a bit of greenery surrounding the mirror-lake during my visit was the best sightseeing I could ever wish for. I will definitely tell my full experience visiting the United Kingdom in my coming post. Keep on following the website for more!

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