Bali has always been in everyone’s bucket list for the honeymoon, bachelorette, and even for an adventure trip. No doubt that Bali’s beauty has been catching everyone’s attention since decades ago. The beaches, the eco-tourism spots, and the Bali swings are the top attractions in Bali.

My budget when I plan this trip to Bali was RM1800 all-inclusive but, as I would like to experience staying at the villas in Bali, the budget raised to RM2500 per person. I will share with you the breakdown of the expenses in the table below:

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The FIRST thing when I do any of my plannings will be the dates and the flights. From Kuala Lumpur to Bali, the cheapest flight that I found so far was from RM230 – RM300 per pax excluded the luggage and meals. The most famous airlines for Bali from Kuala Lumpur are Malindo, AirAsia, and Malaysian Airlines. Mine was AirAsia, RM440 per person inclusive of 20kg luggage sharing for two with no meals.

Once you have booked your flights, start planning for your trip. Below is my itinerary for my trip:

You will not be able to resist staying in one of those beautiful villas when you come to Bali. When I was looking for accommodations, I tried to search for the budget hotels or unique hostels in Bali. It’s not that they did not have any, but every search will have villas as recommended places to stay. So, I was intrigued and booked 2 villas for the rest of our stay. Be mindful that cheap villas ranging from RM200-RM400 will easily be sold out months before your travel date. Book early to avoid disappointments. Below is a list of the accommodation that I stayed at throughout my vacation to Bali:
1) RedDoorz, Sanur +/- RM100/night
2) Bintang Penida Resort, Nusa Penida +/- RM300/night
3) Villa Mana Sari, Ubud +/- RM1200/night
4) Strawberry Hill Hotel & Restaurant, Bedugul +/- 300
5) Villa Michelle, Seminyak +/- RM400/night

The most convenient transportation in Bali is Gojek or Grab. Gojek is a bike cab that you can book through the Gojek apps. It works similarly to Uber and Grab and solely recommended for solo travelers. BUT if you are there to visit somewhere further away from central Bali, I would recommend you to book a car with a driver. You can check out our driver at Instagram @dede_bali_tour_driver. I did compare him with other drivers, but the rate he offered was the cheapest. The cost was 460K rp (around RM140) per day, all expenses included. I hired him for 4 days tour from central Bali to North Bali. He was the friendliest guide I ever booked. A piece of advice tho, please let him know your preferred restaurant in terms of budget. Otherwise, you will be going to these fancy restaurants that can cost up to RM60 per eating/per person. Bear in mind that he would want to get commissions when he brings tourists to some selected restaurants. Hence, the expensive ones.

Most of the popular attractions in Bali will have entrance fees. Our total entrance fees were +/- RM100 per person, not inclusive of the swings and those photo spots as you’ve seen on Instagram. The famous swings (A MUST TRY) can range between 40K -350K rp per person for 3 – 10 minutes swing. The cheapest swing is at Desa Wisata Wanagiri, Bedugul, the mid-range is at Alas Harum and Nusa Penida. The expensive one will be the Zen Hideaway Swing. Bali has lots and lots of waterfalls that you can go to and you can even complete it in a week. The waterfalls entrance fees can range from 10K – 125K rp. One of the most expensive entrance fee for waterfalls is the Aling – Aling Waterfall which cost 125K rp from what I’ve told. The prices may change over time as this was what I gathered last year (2019).

Last but not least are your breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Most hotels or villas in Bali will provide you free breakfast so, most of our breakfast was free. For lunch, you can opt for ‘Nasi Padang’ which you can easily get at Kuta and Seminyak (not so sure about other places). The last time that we spend on ‘Nasi Padang’ was +/- RM10 per person. For me, it was quite cheap for 6 different dishes for sharing with drinks. In Kuala Lumpur, the price can shoot up to RM60 per person even for sharing dishes. Bear in mind that Halal meals, in my opinion, were still hard to get as most of the restaurants that we were recommended to, don’t have the Halal logo at their restaurants. Especially in Nusa Penida. I remember that we bought instant noodles for our dinners because we were too tired to find proper Halal food. But if you are non-muslims, there are PLENTY of food choices that you can choose from.

For other expenses, you can expect to pay for the floating breakfast (tho, mine was free), the petal roses decorations for a honeymoon, Grab or Gojet for a night visit, toilet fees, donations and etc.

I guess that’s everything. I hope this blog post will help YOU, the newly-weds, the mid-range traveler or even the solo traveler to guide you through your planning to Bali. I will finish my stories in Bali VERY SOON. So, I hope you would come back to read my upcoming stories which I have tons and tons of things to share. Thank you for dropping by! See you around!

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