Have you ever enter into a contest and pray that you would win that free trip you have been dreaming about? Well, it happened to me as I won a lucky draw during my company annual dinner last year in 2018.

What did I get for my lucky draw prize? RM5000 worth of a trip to any part of Australia! Yup, suddenly I got lucky. Below is how I spend my RM5000 prize excluded my burned flight ticket and 1-night accommodation (It’s a longggg story):

My favorite website to book for my accommodation has always been agoda.com, so you can search for my booked accommodation as per my itinerary on the website. We paid the extra of RM857 thinking that that will ONLY be the extras. To tell you the truth I never knew about the visa requirement to visit Australia and this has caused me to spend another extra to buy the very last minute flight tickets to Perth amounting to RM2600 for 2 people due to my late visa application and approval. It was a nightmare for the start of my honeymoon. Read my other post to know the full story.

Water Wheel Cape Leeuwin

Anyway, skip the nightmare part, we still proceed with our honeymoon trip using the itinerary as per below:

I was interested to go to Kalbarri National Park as I studied about Perth but the drive to the park will take about 4-5 hours’ from the city and an additional budget is needed. So, due to the budget and annual leave constraints, I skipped it in my itinerary.

Rottnest Island

My travel to Perth has taught me a different type of lesson. This was my first time traveling with my husband and I received a different experience altogether. When you are traveling with a bunch of your friends, whatever damages happened during that trip, the burden can be shared with 6-10 friends of yours. However, if you only travel with your partner and you are the mastermind behind the trip, you will be responsible for at least 80% of the trip unless your partner is willing to share the burden with you by planning the trip together. Otherwise, be prepared for the pressure when you are making mistakes.

Lancelin Sand Dunes

Australia was not something that I’m excited about, maybe because most of my friends have been there and some studied in different parts of Australia too. BUT when I got the opportunity to go there for free, then why not discover Perth? After all, no matter where we go, the experiences are all that matters.

I do wish to get a lot of free trips in the future if I’m lucky enough (maybe I should enter some contests after this blog post). There are more than 50 countries that I would like to visit in a lifetime, so wish me luck!

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