Everyone would like to travel the world. Who doesn’t? As for me, it all started with “Manisnya Cinta di Cappadocia”. Have anyone seen the movie? It’s a romantic comedy movie that makes me think of why not visit Turkey?

I remember my goal when I got my first job. It was to travel to Europe but Turkey has its unique attractions that made me changed my mind. The various cultures, architecture and the handicraft are just something that I look forward to.

So I was looking for any tour package for Turkey (well, the cheapest one of course) and I found Amar Travel and Tours at www.fun2holiday.com that offered the best deal to Turkey during the Hajj celebration. Me and my friend went to the Matta Fair in March as they told us to book our seat at the event for more discounts.

Amar Travel and Tours offered some additional places into the itinerary that makes it the best deal as compared to the others. The total cost was RM4423 for all-inclusive 10-days package:

1) The return flights, Malaysia – Turkey (18 – 26 September 2015) – Etihad airways

2) Meals 3 times a day

3) 3-5 star hotels

4) Transportation and tips

5) Entrance fees

6) Bosphorus cruise tour

7) Tour leader from Malaysia

8) Local tour guide

This was my first time traveling with my friend using a travel agent and I was super excited and nervous at the same time. I did some part-time job just to save up some extra cash for shopping and the hot air balloon. 3 weeks before I flew off to Turkey, I was scared I did not have some emergency cash so borrowed additional cash from my mom and I paid back immediately after I came back from Turkey. Below is my total spending in Turkey:

The places that I’ve visited when I was in Turkey as per below:

Note: 10 days is included with the travel time from/to Kuala Lumpur and Turkey (not inclusive in the itinerary above)

This was the itinerary provided by the travel agency but I specify a bit more and not all of the places listed visited. The thing about traveling with a huge group, which in my case there were about 30 people that joined the trip and let me warn you that you need to follow the group whichever they decided to go to even though you disagree with them.

Back then, I know nothing about traveling with a group and I was just so determined to achieve my first goal. BUT I think I learned something from this trip, which is to not follow a huge travel group anymore and I continue to travel with minimal of 7-12 people ever since, using my planning and itinerary. This was my first and my last time travel with the agent with almost 30 people on the trip. Trust me, you don’t want to follow a group of 30 on your trip as you will be chained by their time management and their places of interest.

You can read all about my traveling experience in Turkey in my other post. Thanks for dropping by!

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